Perfil de Guia Linear - Tipo NO


The type N/O linear guideways are equipped with needle cages and are particularly suitable for applications involving high loads. Compared with similar needle guideways, smaller displacement resistance values are recorded thanks to the use of the SCHNEEBERGER composite cage made of steel and plastic.


Benchmark data

Track and surface quality

• Finely ground supporting and/or locating surfaces and tracks (90o V-profile)


Materials (standard)

• Rails from through hardened tool steel 1.2842, hardness 58 - 62 HRC.

• For non-corrosive guideways tool steel 1.4034 is used.

• Rolling element made of through hardened roller bearing steel, hardness 58 - 64 HRC.


Rolling element

• Needle



• 1 m/s

• 1 m/s with cage control



• 50 m/s2

• 200 m/s2 with cage control



• Type N/O linear guideways are available in three quality classes (see chapter 9)


Operating temperatures

• -40o C to +80o C



Dimensions and load cpacities of type N/O



Maximum lengths type N/O




Accessories for type N/O



Perfil de Guia Linear - Tipo NO

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