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Type RNG


Like type RN, the type RNG linear guideway is based on the type R linear guideway. Like type RN, it has larger contact surfaces for the guideway tracks, which means its performance is significantly enhanced. Compared with types R and RN its cross-section is, however, smaller, which means that it represents a cost-effective solution without competition.

Benchmark data

Track and surface quality

• Finely ground supporting and/or locating surfaces and tracks (90o V-profile)


Materials (standard)

• Rails from through hardened tool steel 1.2842, hardness 58 - 62 HRC.

• For non-corrosive guideways tool steel 1.4034 is used.

• Rolling element made of through hardened roller bearing steel, hardness 58 - 64 HRC.


Rolling element

• Roller


• 1 m/s

• 1 m/s with cage control



• 50 m/s2

• 300 m/s2 with cage control



• RNG linear guideways are available in three quality classes (see chapter 9)

Operating temperatures

• -40o C to +80o C


Dimensions and load capacities of type RNG




Maximum lengths for type RNG



Type RNG accessories


Perfil de Guia Linear - Tipo RNG

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