Rolos Tipo NRT/NRV



This roller recirculating unit is designed for medium to heavy loads. Demanding solutions can be created together with the suitable linear guideways.


Advantages/benefits of the NRT

• Two independent tracks, the small amount of roller play and the optimal ratio of roller length and roller diameter are responsible for minimal lateral forces.

• The large number of rollers and the optimised roller run-ins are responsible for minimal travel pulsation and a low coefficient of rolling friction

• High degree of rigidity thanks to three-point support on the rear

• Protected roller return

• Double-lipped wipers on each side

• Can also be supplied matched as an option, sorted within 5µm


Advantages/benefits of the preload wedge NRV

This preload wedge is used for setting preload. The NRV with its concave and convex supporting surfaces is also able to even out minor angular errors and deformations in the connecting structure.


Benchmark data

Supporting structure • Hardened and ground with high precision



• Supporting structure made of through hardened tool steel, hardness 58 - 62 HRC

• Rolling element made of through hardened roller bearing steel, hardness 58 - 64 HRC

• Transmission parts and wipers made of plastic



• 1 m/s



• 50 m/s2


Operating temperatures

• -40o C to +80o C


Dimensions and load capacities type NRT




Dimensions and load capacities type NRV


Rolos Tipo NRT/NRV

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