Esferas Tipo SK


 The type SK recirculating unit is equipped with balls and is suitable for small to medium loads.

This recirculating unit is used combined with SCHNEEBERGER linear guideways of type R and/or RD. In this way space-saving designs can be created that can be equally loaded in all directions.

Sizes 6 and 9 (size 12 on request) can additionally be equipped with damping elements (type designation SKD). These provide improved smoothness with slightly reduced load carrying capacity.

Benchmark data

Supporting structure

• Hardened and ground with high precision



• Supporting structure made of through hardened tool steel, hardness 58 - 62 HRC

• Rolling element made of through hardened roller bearing steel, hardness 58 - 64 HRC

• Transmission part in sizes 1, 2, 9 and 12 made of anodized aluminium

• Transmission part in sizes 3 and 6t depending on the length made of plastic  or aluminium

• Non-corrosive version on request

• Damping elements for SKD made of plastic

• Wipers made of plastic



• From size 3 interchangeable track wipers are made from plastic as standard fitted


• 2 m/s


• 50 m/s2

Operating temperatures

• -40o C to +80o C

Same installation with the following recirculating units

• SKC and SR

Can be combined with the following products

• Linear guideway type R and RD


Dimencional and load capacities type SK and SKD


Installed dimensions and permissible torque for type SKD


Esferas Tipo SK

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