Esferas Tipo SKC



The recirculating unit type SKC was developed for dry runs and in-vacuum and cleanroom applications. It is made out of DURALLOY® coated steel and has ceramic balls, which are separated from one another by balls made out of TEFLON®.

This recirculating unit is used combined with SCHNEEBERGER linear guideways of type R and/or RD. In this way space-saving designs can be created that can be equally loaded in all directions. It is suitable for small to medium loads.


Benchmark data

Supporting structure

• Hardened and ground and coated with high precision



• Supporting structure made of stainless steel 1.4034, DURALLOY® coated,  hardness 58 - 62 HRC

• Transmission part made out of stainless steel 1.4034

• Rolling element made of ceramic  (balls made of TEFLON® between the ceramic balls are responsible for minimal friction)



• 2 m/s



• 50 m/s2


Operating temperatures

• -150o C to +200o C


Same installation with the following recirculating units

• SK, SKD and SR


Can be combined with the following products

• Linear guideway type R and RD


Dimensions and load capacities type SKC


Installed dimensions and permissibletorques for type SKC


Esferas Tipo SKC

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