Mesa Linear Tipo NK

 Single axis model in steel or cast-iron depending on the size

  • With roller cages
  • 5 sizes are available for this precision linear slides
  • Lengths from 25 to 510 mm
  • Strokes from 10 to 450 mm
  • Supports a variety of applications due to the many different sizes
  • For highest accuracy requirements
  • For highest accelerations available with FORMULA-S

  • Material

    Sizes NK 1 and 2 = Steel
    Sizes NK 3, 6 and 9 = Cast-iron

    Standard model - precision linear slides

    This precision linear slides type NK consist of equal length upper and lower sections and type R linear bearings. All tables are equipped with type AC roller cages and type GB endpieces and can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

    The lower section includes standardized attaching holes. The sides opposite to the setscrews in the upper and lower sections can be used for mounting purposes. For the standard model stroke limiting is made by means of two screws in the upper section and one screw in the lower section.

    These screws can withstand only small forces or impacts in the direction of motion and should not be used as stops. With FORMULA-S these screws are no more necessary due to the cage assist.

    Special models

    Standard attaching holes (–B)
    In the upper section (other hole configurations on request)

    Roller cages type EE (–EE)
    Plastic material, only available for sizes 6 and 9. Provides sealing against dirt and dust; therefore somewhat stiffer motion

    Ball cages type AK (–AK)
    For reduced sensitivity to dirt. Lower load carrying capacity

    Cage assist integrated (–KS)
    For high dynamics and all assembly orientations for sizes 3 and 6

Mesa Linear Tipo NK

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